Get ready to Jam with BlackBerry 10! Join the PinoyBBDev BlackBerry 10 Road Show!

BlackBerry 10 is here! And we love to show it to our beloved community! Yes! That’s you! We want you to join us on this awesome event! Okay…

So ask yourself:

1) Wanted to know more about BlackBerry 10?
2) Do you have a BlackBerry Z10 and wanted to know more about your it? Join our meet-up!
3) Do you have a BlackBerry Z10 and needed some help setting up apps like instagram?
4) Are you experiencing some software/setup problems in your BlackBerry Z10?
6) Are you interested in buying a BlackBerry Z10 but wanted to try out the device first?
5) Do you want to see the BlackBerry Z10(Red) limited edition?

Then come join us in this meet-up! Register now! This is open to both Developers and Users! Know more about BlackBerry Z10 with our Guest Senior BlackBerry Trainer for Philippines, Waheed AL-Jarallah. Bring your devices and will help you setup apps such as Instagram through our “Application Corner” and get assistance in your “How-To” questions in our “Support Corner”.

Join us as we share with you the power of BlackBerry 10 over pizza and coffee! If you’re ready to join just simply sign up here.

See you there!!!!

5 reasons why you should develop a native app for BlackBerry 10

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There’s a lot of reason why you should develop a native app for BlackBerry 10 but personally here’s my top 10 reasons why i develop native apps for BlackBerry 10. I made it short just for you not to get bored. :)

1.) BlackBerry is committed to its developers

From the start BlackBerry is committed to its developers. Developers asked for a testing device to test their BlackBerry 10 apps and BlackBerry responded by giving them a Dev Alpha devices. While developers are working really hard to bring awesome native apps for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry in return launched a trade up program by offering a BlackBerry Limited Edition device by trading up the Dev Alpha device. You get the actual BlackBerry Z10 phone in a limited edition color made only for developers.

And since BlackBerry is confident enough that your awesome app will have a knack in BlackBerry World, they launched a 10k commitment program for eligible apps! What does that mean? It means BlackBerry will pay the difference between $1,000 to $10,000 if your app reached more than $1,000 in sales!

Though 10k commitment program is now closed, you can still submit your app for the “Built for BlackBerry” program.

Quoting from the site:

Vendors with apps carrying the Built for BlackBerry designation may have a higher profile to consumers in the following channels:

  • BlackBerry World

  • Social media

  • Digital media

  • Direct marketing

  • Channel marketing

How cool is that? That’s commitment made right!

2.) Truly an open platform for every developer

Are you a C++ developer? An aspiring Web Developer whose interest is to make mobile apps using HTML5? Do you code in AIR? Well.. Good news! You can still use your existing skills to make apps for BlackBerry 10! You don’t have to get stuck in one programming language to get your dream app rolling!

3.) Need help for your app? There’s BlackBerry Dev Rel or a local developer group near you!

In dire situation, you need someone to help you get your code running. We all need help, and that’s why the BlackBerry Dev Rel (@BlackBerryDev) is here to support you! Just send them a tweet and they shall answer your questions!

It’s awesome to hack with your fellow countrymen! Join a local developer group near you! Here’s a list. If you’re residing from the Philippines, you can join us at! Follow us on twitter (@PinoyBBDev) !

4.) Get tools and BlackBerry World account, all for free!

Got that killer app idea and wanted to translate it to an actual app? Make it happen with BlackBerry 10! Get started by choosing your platform and download the tools needed to build your app!

And once your app is ready for prime time, you can deploy it to BlackBerry World by getting a BlackBerry World Vendor Account for… FREE! Yes, you read that right. FREE! No annual fees! No One time payment! No joke! Just sign up and get verified and submit your app to BlackBerry World! How awesome is that? :)

5.) BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 is amazing!

At the time of this writing, BlackBerry announced they have sold 1 Million Z10‘s all over the world in just a couple of months! Plus the dawn of seeding the Dev Alpha C to eligible developers, developers can then test their apps to support the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, also an amazing BlackBerry 10 device with the BlackBerry signature qwerty keyboard! Imagine your app running on a beautiful hardware on a full touch screen + touch & qwerty smartphone to millions of happy Z10 and future Q10 owners! Imagine the possibilities!

So don’t miss the opportunity to change the world with BlackBerry! Get your hacker hats on and start making apps for BlackBerry 10! There’s a lot of reason why you should make apps for this platform and i believe you can discover it personally, and if you have found a reason to believe in BlackBerry 10. Share it here. :)

A local Port-a-Thon Meet-up event is coming! Bring your apps to BlackBerry 10!

Last year was awesome! Lots of hackathons, series of app development craze and more! But this year, we wanted YOU to continue the apps you made from the last year and port it to BlackBerry 10!

If you heard about the series of BlackBerry 10 Port-a-thon events held worldwide, we are proud to announce that we are hosting a local meet-up to assist you during your porting (provide BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices, technical assistance, internet connection and some snacks/refreshments) and to collaborate with other developers in the community!

Relax! You don’t need to pitch this time! But if you want, you can show your ported app to the crowd! The floor is yours!

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Bring your Qt App to BB10 by MobiDex360!


Mobidex is inviting all Qt Developers around the world to take part in this “Qt for BB10” initiative wherein you can submit your Qt Apps to BlackBerry World(formerly known as BlackBerry AppWorld) by January 2013. This gives you a head start from other developers in making your application available to the next generation of mobile computing, the BlackBerry 10!

Aside from that, Mobidex also offers the following incentives:

1. Submit a Blackberry 10 porting plan and you could receive a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device. For complete details join the program now, see the official program Terms & conditions.

2. The 10k Developer Commitment – If your app earns at least $1000 revenue but less than US$10,000, RIM will pay the developer the difference between the revenue earned and US$10,000.

3. Free Playbook will be awarded on successful publishing. Only apps in final “MobiDex360 list” will be entitled to free playbook.

4. If the Qt community ports 50 eligible Qt apps to BlackBerry 10 and they are available for sale on BlackBerry App World by January 30, 2012, RIM will donate $10,000 USD to the Qt Project Hosting Foundation.




Coming up…PinoyBBDev Christmas Jam Party on Dec 10!!!

pinoybbdev christmas party

Watch out peeps for the registration site of PinoyBBDev’s first christmas party (limited seats only) which will be announced via our Facebook page or Twitter!

Enjoy the fun and frolics of a Jam party on December 10, 2012, from 6:00 – 10:00 pm, in Globe Corporate Showroom, Valero St., Makati City – the only place to release your inner “Rockstar” this Christmas! Indulge in your creativity and show-up in your Rockstar look & ‘do!

See you!!!

DLSU HackerCup 2012 – a 24-hour challenge!

De LaSalle Univeristy under the College of Computer Studies and Net-Centric Computing Laboratory and Technology Hub for Innovation and Incubation has a new challenge for their students!….. Can you build your awesome app idea in 24-hours?

This challenge is open to DLSU students and DLSU 2012 Undergraduate graduates where they will form a team with at least one (1) member and at most four(4). Participants will be given 24-hours to develop their ideas as either web application, mobile application or both. A theme will be provided today so participants can think about it prior to the main event. After 24-hours each team will be given the chance to present their application to a panel of judges where they will choose the top-3 winners. Aside from getting the exclusive HackerCup trophy, 3rd Place winner gets a Nokia Lumia 800 plus Four(4) Globe Tattoo Sonic; 2nd Place winner gets a Nokia Lumia 800 plus  Four(4) Globe Tattoo 4G Flash and the 1st Place winner gets a Four(4) 16GB BlackBerry Playbook plus Four(4) Globe Tattoo 4G Flash. For non-winning teams but was able to submit and presented their apps…. cheer-up! coz you still get away with a cool finisher’s shirt!

For those participants who’ll be developing for the BlackBerry Platform, we are open for consultation (about your app idea, APIs, Development options, etc)! Just tweet your questions at @pinoybbdev / @johnbiibs / @peteangelo / @aaroncajes. And during the event, PinoyBBDev representatives will be there to assist you as well.

Now step up to the challenge! Good luck!

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If you want your apps to be signed. Don’t use Windows 8 just yet.

Not the actual error
(Not the actual error, but the new BSOD is gorgeous! …. For an error. :P )

It’s almost one month since the new Windows has been launched: Windows 8. It’s a new released platform so it’s not that shocking when a lot of things break. But if you’re a BlackBerry Developer, this issue might arise when you switch from Windows 7 to 8 and that one problem is: The signing process.

I’ve been signing both my upcoming app for BB5-7 and BB10 and the console cheerfully generates: Success! (and makes signed copies of the app) But in reality… It’s a trap.

It looks like it has been signed but it’s the other way around. It’s “really” not signed. So when you upload the so called “signed COD” file, app world will accept it.  (But later on, you will receive an e-mail from AppWorld stating that your app is not accepted and you have to fix it by signing it) BUT if you try to upload the so called “Signed BAR” file for BB10, app world will generate an error message saying: “It’s not signed!” and you’ll end up being confused.

I’ve done a LOT of things on how to solve this issue and i ended up using Windows 7 on a Virtual Machine. And heck, yeah! It worked!

So kids, if you WANT Windows 8 so bad and currently engage on a BlackBerry Development project, VM is the way to go. (Or go buy a new one. You choose :D )

Preparing for a BlackBerry Workshop guides

Are you attending a BlackBerry Development event(s)? Awesome! I made a series of technical guides on how to install and set-up these tools that will be needed on the said event(s).

These tools will focus on the basics: Download, Install, Configure. So you have to read it from top-bottom :D

Preparing for a BlackBerry Workshop: Installing BlackBerry Tools!

Preparing for a BlackBerry Workshop: Installing Cascades

Hope this guide will help you on your way to BlackBerry Development Awesomeness! Goodluck! :)

BlackBerry Jam Hack APAC – Manila Edition!

28(around 130 Developers) teams were put to the test in a grueling 40-hrs non-stop hackathon as part of the BlackBerry Jam Hack APAC Edition last Oct 12-14, 2012. Manila, Philippines is part of the 10-Cities that hosted the simultaneous hackathon together with Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as Group 1. Ho Chi Min, Shanghai, Bangkok, Melbourne and Jakarta were under  Group 2 which was held last Oct 19-21.
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How to install BlackBerry Dev Tools on Windows 8

Windows 8 has been launched a few days ago, and there has been a record of 4 million downloads for the first 4 days. Wow! I assume a lot of BlackBerry developers has already upgraded to this latest operating system, and may even have started from scratch. The problem is, when you run any BlackBerry installer on Windows 8, even though you have already added java’s path to the system environment. You will receive an exception:

“Invocation of this Java Application has caused an InvocationTargetException.”

 Don’t panic! It’s just Windows 8.

All you have to do is to right click the (.exe) file > go to properties > compatibility >Tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows 7.

Ta-da! You’re ready to jam!